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Postby Patronus » 08 May 2018 21:29

The tournament format:

Total Wa Saga: Thrones of Britannia, 1vs1, championship.
All matches of the Championship are bo2.

- Each player gets a pool of 12 fractions, which he will play the championship;
- Players who sign up before the tournament, the first selects a map and factions and hi is attacker;
- The player must play with all players in the standings. Each player plays two battles:

Points are awarded to players for win, draw, loss:

Player 1 (2) - (0) Player 2: 2 points
Player 1 (1) - (1) Player 2: 1 point
Player 1 (0) - (2) Player 2: 0 points

- The player can not re-use fraction until it uses all the pull of 12 fractions (after using it is updated);
- Participants are not limited to the deadline, the championship will go more than 6 weeks (depending on the number of participants);
- Be active, cause the player to battle!

During the match:
- Prohibited to play against each other the same fractions ;
- Allowed repeat maps(by mutual agreement).

Host settings:
Treasury: 9000
Large unit size
Weather: Dry
Time of the day: Day
Duration of the battle: 40 minutes.

Pull map(direction of attack: North):
- Hadrian's Wall
- Connacht
- Sutton Hoo
- The Fens
- White Horse.

Restrictions units:
- maximum number of the same units - 4;
- max 12 melee infantry (swordsmen, axemen, spearmen, general melee units are in limit);
- max 2 axes from 800 gold
- 8 cavalry units max;
- max 4 skirmish cavalry(is counted as cav);
- 8 dismounted missile units max(is not counted as infantry);
- No artillery;
- Defensive structures are prohibited.

Pullthrough (PT):
Pullthrough is allowed.
BUT! Pullthrough by infantry against infantry and cav against cav is forbidden!
You can pullout units from the battle at any time (relative to the charge - back, left, right, BUT not forward!)

Nuances of the game:
- The attacker needs to be a dominant lead in the attack;
- The defender has the right not to take the initiative in the attack;
- Prohibited cover more than 3/4 of the Army in the forest;
- Attacks of missile units are considered as attack;
- If there are only missile (without ammo) and cav units left in you army player must attack;
- Camping red line and in the corner is prohibited. If the distance from the red line to the player's army firing range less than 200, it is considered a campground, except if the fight had continued, in spite of the current offense;
- If it was necessary - warn the enemy and give him the possibility to move away from the red line . At the time of notice to take a screen shot . If the opponent does not leave, take the 2nd screenshot and the fight is stopped. Administration of the tournament are available screenshots and replay the fight. For this violation technical defeat in this battle. The aggrieved party may not demand the punishment of the offender and his desire to end the fight as usual.
- If the players can not connect to the host, they can appeal for help of a third person;
- Use obscene language and an insult to the players It leads to disqualification from the tournament.
- Each player who take part in the tournament automatically allows free use replays with his participation (including their publication on the video resource with free access) with a view to extending coverage of the tournament.


If the disconnect happened at the beginning of the battle and there is no decisive advantage, the battle is re-played with same builds. If both players agree, they can change builds. Three disconects of one of the players - technical defeat.
If the disconnect happened when the decisive advantage is present and both players agree on it, there is no need to re-play the battle. Otherwise, players have to provide screenshots and replays to administration.


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